Health/Tech Packets

Here you will find the various Health/Tech packets for the 6 week Health Class. Each packet consists of bascially three components; an introduction , place to organize your research, and description of the technology oriented product that must be created and submitted.

ABCs of Nutrition
You have been contracted by the local Urgent Care facility to design and publish a website educating the community on the ABC�s of Nutrition.

Abuse Prevention
The School Board and your local chapter of the Boys and Girls Club have joined forces to combat abuse. As a result of their discussions, posters have been pinned to the bulletin boards at school. The posters announce a contest for the best automated abuse prevention presentation created by a student. The winning automated presentation will be displayed on monitors in every school in the area, as well as, during the previews at the local movie theater. You have decided to enter the contest by creating an automated PowerPoint presentation.

Dangerous Drugs
Neesha has come to you for help. She has decided to educate the rest of the kids in school about the dangers of drugs. She would like you to help her design and publish a tri-fold brochure that both informs students about the effects of drugs and that illustrates their current use/abuse by American society.

Drug and Alcohol Free
You have decided to blanket your community with personalized fliers presenting the 10 best reasons to remain drug and alcohol free. You have also decided that the best way to accomplish this task is to create a form letter that will be merged with the County�s Voter Registry Database.

Refusal Skills
Local business people have pooled their money and plan to sponsor a cartoon strip that will be carried by the local newspapers over a period of several weeks. Your task is to create a cartoon strip, using presentation software, graphics software, or an online animation source, depicting a couple of possible situations teens may encounter where refusal skills may come in handy.

Second Hand Smoke
Problems with second-hand smoke start at an early age. Washington State Department of Health, several other local agencies, and the regional hospital want you to create a poster to teach others about the negative effects of second-hand smoke.

STD Awareness
The Mason County Health Department in conjunction with King County Public Health has been promoting the F.L.A.S.H. (Family Life and Sexual Health) curriculum across all the public schools in Mason County. Part of the curriculum focuses on education and prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs). Your health teacher would like you to create a series of tables, charts, and graphs that may be used to help educate fellow students about this important issue.

Touring The System
You are a fitness trainer at a local fitness center. Your job is to inform teenagers of the human body systems. This information should provide an outline of two body systems. Details for each system will include specific components and functions. You will also provide information on how to improve or maintain the health of the specific systems. Using Presentation Software, create a kiosk so that teenagers may use this resource to improve their health and wellness.