Help for 7th Grade Science

Here you will find links to worksheets, activities, and external websites that will help you become a more successful student. Explore the various links. Files may be in PDF or MSWORD format. All external links will open in a separate window.  We will be adding to the list of links throughout the year.

Careers in Science

There are many career paths that rely on science and a foundation in scientific principles. Thanks to a generous grant from the Noyce Foundation, The Science Buddies website has developed a library of information giving you an in-depth look at a wide range of science-related careers. For each career, they provide an overview, salary information, links to interviews and videos, and more.




Systems Practice

Systems thinking makes it possible to analyze and understand complex phenomena.

Have fun with the following Bitesize science activity.

Cells to Systems - Bitesize Activity








Application Practice

Application includes the ability to use the process of technological design to solve real-world problems, to understand the relationship between science and technology and their influence on society, and to become aware of the wide variety of careers in scientific and technical fields.

Take this challenge and apply your scientific knowledge.

Tower of Pasta

The National Geophysical Data Center maintains archives of geomagnetic data to further the understanding of Earth magnetism and the Sun-Earth environment. The study of geomagnetism is one of the oldest of the geophysical sciences. Since early times, people have tried to unravel the mysteries of Earth's magnetic field. As a result, geomagnetic fields have been observed and used from ancient times. Modern uses of geomagnetic data include navigation and mineral exploration.












Inquiry Practice

Inquiry is the bedrock of science and refers to the activities of students in which they develop knowledge and understanding of scientific ideas, as well as an understanding of how the natural world works.

Just for practice, try the inquiry activity linked below.

Inquiry Activity - Who Sank the Boat?

Ever wonder what causes the different phases of the Moon? Check out the link below to find out. You may also discover a lot more about the Moon.

The Moon

There is a popular misconception that the seasons on the Earth are caused by varying distances of the Earth from the Sun on its elliptical orbit. Learn why this is a misconception and what really causes the seasons. Click the link below.

The Seasons

Have you ever heard the story about this really old guy who had an apple hall on his head and as a result discovered gravity? Well, that old guy was Sir Isaac Newton and the apple really didn't fall on his head. In addition to gravity he discovered/explained many other things as well like his three laws of motion, for example. Sir Isaac Newton's famous three laws of motion are explained and their application to the analysis of objects in motion is discussed in the following link.

Newton's Laws of Motion

Aristotle thought heavier objects would fall faster than lighter objects. Common sense told us Aristotle was correct until Galileo Galilei proved him wrong. Check out the animation found on the web page linked below. Spend a couple minutes and read the paragraph as well.

Falling Objects




Science Variables

Here are a few worksheets that will help you better understand how variables are used in science. Click on one of the links below to view a worksheet. Feel free to print the worksheet once you've reviewed it.

Identifying Variables - 7th





The Scientific Method

Here are a few worksheets that may help you to better understand the Scientific Method. Click on one of the links below to view a worksheet. Feel free to print the worksheet once you've reviewed it.

Observation and the Scientific Method




Science Skills

The links below will provide you access to worksheets designed to help you build the skills required for your continued success in Science class.

Science Skills - Analyze Experiments

Metric Conversion Challenge

Vocabulary Skills - Hangman Game

Reading Skills - Comprehension Check

Math Skills - Ask Dr. Math


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